Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honorary Green Beret

Due to an accident, whilst on his Commando Course, Tom was "Disabled out".

Part of the training, was to abseil down the wall of The Citadel (100ft), run around the corner and climb up another rope, short sprint across the wall parapet and abseil back down.

Tom fell whilst running across the parapet, receiving serious head injuries (Amnesia for 12 weeks from the accident), plus his Spine was broken in 3 places.
After a year in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, paralysed from the chest down, Tom was told he would never walk again. Tom was Disabled out of the Army in August 1974.

With support from lads in 59 and a Philosophy of "It is better to have tried and failed, than never have tried at all", Tom was determined to walk again.
It took Tom 4 long, hard years to learn to walk again, blood, sweat and plenty of tears, coupled with a determination to improve his "lifestyle" and prove the Specialists wrong.
Tom can now walk again, though internally he is still paralysed, also his right leg is still paralysed.

Tom was awarded the "Honorary Green Beret" from the Squadron, "Due to his determination and in true '59 Commando Spirit', in overcoming many obstacles, learning to walk again, when others would have given up".
Further to this, the commendation stated "Tom would have gained his Green Beret, if the fall had not occured, given the determination in learning to walk".

Tom hopes that others within our "Commando Family", can take hope from this Story.

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